The Grasshoppers

PHOTOGRAPHY & Art Work : David Lazero

The Grasshoppers with Silvadee singer/songwriter/guitarist/frontman and founder of The Grasshoppers has been graciously operating for the last 10 years doing originals and covers along the coast of Western Australia.

The band has been very successful with the sales of the first two albums “I Guess I’m Lucky” and “I’m Taking You Home Tonight” and are presently in studio mode recording the third album.

Inspiration is at an all-time high and the motivation is strong with the good vibes with the next album.

The song choice and genre has been the biggest contribution to the band’s popularity – which is reggae/rock/rhythm & blues/ (original & covers). Even though it has gone through a change in the lineup in the last 10 years, their colour and magic have elevated.

Their energy and magical performance makes the show a success every time and gathers a following with each and every venue they rock. That’s what every band strives for and “The Grasshoppers” do it every time.